Inspection & Compliance

With over 30 years of experience providing consulting services in the field of water management and in-service compliance inspections of drinking water infrastructure, Underwater Solutions, Inc. is hands down the most knowledgeable, safest, and efficient organization nationwide. There are in fact other companies providing tank inspections, however Underwater Solutions, Inc. Is the only such company having inspection divers who are certified water operators that are trained on the entire water process and the infrastructure associated with each process. Having this knowledge and certifications, our teams bring a water quality first mindset to each aspect of the project at hand.

Through our state-of-the-art infrastructure management platform, work orders are customized for each and every type of structure we inspect. Those work orders have been designed by the nation’s top coating manufacturers, professional engineers, water operators, and rehabilitation contractors.

Safety, Safety, Safety!

Underwater Solutions, Inc. carries quite possibly the best workers compensation insurance ratings in the country, having a zero accident record over our 30+ year history. Through our automated work orders, all aspects of fall prevention, confined space, job site analysis and full health and safety plan is developed, checked and rechecked daily.


Beginning January 2021, each and every inspection completed comes with 1-year free access to our groundbreaking infrastructure asset management platform. In this platform, all historical inspection reports, data, live tank mapping, aerial drone footage and custom designed asset management plan will be inputted. 24/7 access through a secure and private login can be gained and used at town meetings to visually observe reporting, asset management planning, budgetary information and much much more!

Below, we have broken down the different types of water infrastructure we can help you inspect and maintain within three categories, to include raw, partially treated and finished drinking water.

Raw Water Infrastructure

Inspections of:

  • Intakes
  • Wetwells
  • Dams
  • Gate Valves/ Sluice Gates
  • Gatehouses/ Screenhouses
  • Sub-Aqueous Pipelines
  • Fire Protection Ponds
  • Irrigation Pond Intakes
  • Reclaimed Tanks

Additional Raw Water Services:

  • Intake Pipe Installation
  • Collector Well Assistance
  • Silt Jetting To Assist Intake Water Quality
  • Intake Screen Cleaning and Replacement
  • Custom Intake Risers
  • Sluice Gate/Gate Valve Repairs and Upgrades
  • Air Burst Line Installation
  • Aerial Drone Services

Treatment Infrastructure

Inspections of:

  • Clearwells
  • Chlorine/Ozone Contact Chambers
  • Backwash Tanks
  • Raw Water Tanks

Finished/Distribution Infrastructure

Inspections of:

  • Ground Storage Tanks (GST)
  • Elevated Tanks
  • Pedestal Tanks
  • Hydrosphere Tanks
  • Standpipes
  • Reservoirs
  • Hydropneumatic Tanks
  • Fire Protection Tanks (NFPA25)

Additional inspection services:

  • Pre/Post Cellular Communications Installation Inspections
  • Anniversary Inspections
  • Sanitary & Security Inspections
  • Aerial Drone Inspection
  • Rehabilitation Specification Inspections

Additional Diving Services:

  • Sacrificial Anode replacement
  • Piping retrofits
  • Pipe elimination caps
  • Pipe plugging for valve replacement
  • Leak detection and Epoxy repairs
  • Active/Passive mixer installation
  • Core drilling/Sampling
  • 3D Sonar modeling
  • Environmental Sampling

Sediment Removal

Utilizing the most powerful centrifugal pumps on the market, paired with our proprietary vacuum nozzles, Underwater Solutions, Inc. Can easily remove all accumulated sediment from your structures in accordance with AWWA, EPA and state/local regulations. We have several options for environmentally friendly discharge and disposal of material, if required.