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Source Water Structures

Water found in the environment that has not been treated and does not have any of its minerals, ions, particles, bacteria, or parasites removed

Water Treatment plant with white tanks blue pipes

Treatment Plant Structures

Water that is being treated to meet drinking water standards by way of Filtration and Disinfection

Distribution Structures

Water that is introduced into the distribution system of a public water system and is intended for distribution and consumption without further treatment, except as treatment necessary to maintain water quality in the distribution system

Rehabilitation / Repair

Return your infrastructure to like new on a long, short, or as-needed basis.

Why is water tank inspection important?

Water tank inspection is a crucial task that needs to be periodically undertaken to help ensure healthy water quality in the distribution system, and to lengthen the service life of the tank. Any small problems that develop can be identified early and addressed before they have a chance to develop into major issues.

Problems with water tanks can be dangerous and can create serious health-related issues. Minor problems can quickly develop into larger problems, which ultimately require costly repairs. In some instances, it might ultimately reduce the service life of the tank.

Annual Inspections

Coldwater storage tanks are required to be inspected annually to record the overall condition of the tank, and any water within it. The temperature of stored water in the tank during the summer months is also required to be tested to ensure that it remains below 20°C.

Water tank inspection should be carried out by a trained technician, who should then record its overall condition in the monitoring logbook. 

If any issues are identified, particularly about non-compliance, these should be reported in line with the identified chain of command to ensure prompt remedial action. The inspection will assess the integrity of the tank, and that effective measures are in place to prevent insects and vermin from gaining access.

The inspection should include a thorough check of the tank, both internally and externally, and the condition of the water that’s held within it. Tank inspection plays a key role in legionella control schemes, helping to limit the habitat within which legionella bacteria can develop and multiply. This ensures that the legionella doesn’t have a chance to develop into a serious health problem.

Regular inspection of water tanks is essential to ensure a healthy supply of water and the overall integrity of a water storage and distribution system.

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