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Over the last 30+ years, Underwater Solutions Inc. has had ZERO loss time incidents, and ZERO OSHA violations. The Safety Policy of Underwater Solutions Inc. is designed to comply with the Standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI), to maintain a safe and injury/illness-free workplace. A copy of the OSHA Safety and Health Standards 1926 and 1910 are available for all employees to use and reference. These Standards shall be always available in the home office and a digital copy will be kept on-site at all times.

It is company policy that accident prevention is a prime concern of all employees, this Safety Policy applies to all employees of Underwater Solutions Inc. regardless of position within the company. This includes the safety and well-being of our field personnel, office personnel, subcontractors, and customers, as well as the prevention of wasteful, inefficient operations, and damage to property and equipment. Our management team understands that our health and safety program requires our ongoing support and review at the highest level to have this program remain successful. Underwater Solutions, Inc. will comply and in many cases, exceed all local, State, and Federal regulations regarding the health and safety of our employees.

Safety equipment inside trailer

Underwater Solutions Inc. Six Safety Fundamentals:

1. Management commitment to safety.
2. Health and Safety talk every morning before the start of work.
3. Effective job safety training for all categories of employees.
4. Task-specific work orders including, but not limited to Job Safety Analysis (JSA).
5. Audio and/or visual safety presentations given at job sites by a Responsible Person.
6. Provide field staff with standards exceeding PPE.

Underwater Solutions, Inc. uses custom-designed, task-specific automated work orders that require all safety protocols to be inputted and signed off on by supervisors and field staff prior to work commencement, otherwise a “stop work” order is automatically issued. This type of safety initiative ensures the client of a safe job site and that the health and well-being of both the municipality/customer and our staff are being met or exceeded.

A full version of the Underwater Solutions Inc. Safety Manual will be available upon request


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