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Do you need a solution for any of the following?

  • Disinfection Byproducts
  • Maintaining Chlorine/Chloramine Residuals
  • Ice Cap Formation
  • Thermal/Chemical Stratification
  • Nitrification

Underwater Solutions Inc. is offering FREE installation with purchase of Kasco Certisafe active mixers at the time of any other routine maintenance to water storage facilities, ultimately saving you thousands of dollars compared to the competition. This installation is completed in-service and strategically placed/mounted to obtain the highest quality results guaranteed!

USI provides mixers to customers whom either have shown through routine inspections that a mixer is needed for both water quality purposes by way of temperature/chlorine residual testing, biofilm monitoring, sediment buildup, or for structure concerns such as ice damage during winter operation. Through our efforts in identifying these problems, we have successfully solved or reduced nearly every problem we have identified that a mixer is able to assist with such as TTHM, HAA5, Nitrification, ice cap formation and many more on a routine basis. Laboratory analysis prior to installing and after installing mixers are readily available upon request. When we sell you a mixer, results are guaranteed. Theres problems, then there’s Underwater Solutions. 

Recent Kasco Sales / Installation

Pipe Mount

Floor Mount

Suspension Mount


Underwater Solutions, Inc. has teamed up with Panton McLeod as a proprietary provider of Pantonite PM88 NSF60 approved chemical wash services! Although we perform many services while structures remain online, we firmly believe that tanks and other structures should be routinely taken offline and chemical washed to remove biofilm and staining from the wall surfaces, which can be identified during your routine inspection. As the company most familiar with rigging, accessing and completing services in your tanks, we are the most qualified professionals to perform these types of services.

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